The Christian Science Fiction of Ward Wagher


The Wealth of the Worlds -- New!

Harvey Steelmaker only wanted to fulfill his dream – to marry his lifelong girlfriend and stake out his alloted thousand acres on Harcourt's World. But the death of his uncle left him the sole heir, and resulted in him being thrown out of his parents' house and losing his fiancée. While he quickly learned who his true friends were and those who simply had their hands out, it took him much longer to understand he could not dictate God's plans for his life. Repeated attempts on his life and a forced exile on the planet Hepplewhite worked to teach him that self-reliance did not carry him towards his goals. But the friendships he developed during the adventures pointed him to the Savior and directed his thinking into the right paths. Harvey's exciting story answers the questions. What if you inherited incredible wealth? How would you deal with it? Along the way be prepared for adventure and lessons learned.


Principles of Christian Science-Fiction

The goal of Christian Science-Fiction is to create an exciting story in the speculative realm and also honor Christ the Lord. In order to achieve this goal we observe the following basic principles:

  • 1. Any references to the Christian faith, and doctrine shall be compatible with the Bible.
  • 2. While conflicting philosophies may be presented, ultimately the story shall support what is commonly known as the Christian World-view.
  • 3. Gratuitous and graphic violence shall be avoided.
  • 4. Explicit sexual content shall be avoided, and sex within the context of monogamous marriage shall be presented as the ideal.
  • 5. Language that includes swearing, explicit vulgarity, and general coarseness shall be avoided.

In general, the text should be designed so that the author will not be embarrassed to have the book read by church members / spouses / children.