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McNeel's World

A New Book in the Parallel-Multiverse

A different America. A different world. In the New York City of 1967, the primary motive power is steam. Electricity was unknown as was its many applications. In this world, a cosmic happening destroyed the committee that labored over the new constitution in Philadelphia. And a very different nation emerged.

Patrick McNeel, a craftsman of small steam engines in the city is invited to repair the mechanical computing devices utilized by the American emperor. He unwittingly sets into motion a chain of events that threatened his life and the lives of his family. These forces threatened to destroy any advances in American automation and the economic growth that depended upon it.

During this time, the head of the Imperial Computational Bureau suggests some advances in the prevailing technology that intrigues Patrick. He begins to realize that steam power isn’t the pinnacle of mankind’s achievements. He turns to inventing devices that may shake the foundations of American Civilization.

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