Books by Ward Wagher


This Throw of the Dice

A New Book in the Parallel Nazi Series

Gerhard Wicklein is rescued from his guilt and regret after Krystalnacht when he is recruited to the Nazi Party offices by his friend Karl Rainer. As a courier, Gerhard has the chance to travel widely around Germany and sees the Nazi Party from the inside. And he sees another side to many in leadership.

Rainer and his boss, the Deputy Party Leader, Heinrich Schloss are threatened by forces that resent Schloss’s influence and power. Gerhard directly faces these threats as they all try to identify the source of the attacks. The beginning of World War II slows down the threats, but does not eliminate them.

After the fall of France, the instability in the party increases again and culminates in a final showdown between Schloss and the Party Leader, Bormann. Gerhard faces multiple attempts to divert or remove him from his role in assisting Rainer.

Welcome to the exciting first volume of the prequel to the Parallel Nazi series.

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