Books by Ward Wagher


The Munich Faction 2 - Enforcer

A Book from the Parallel Multiverse

Gerhard Wicklein expected life to settle down after the intrigue and violence that preceded the rise of the new Parteileiter in Nazi Germany. But this was only the beginning. Between the Nazi factions in Berlin who resented Heinrich Schloss’s promotion and those in Munich who distrusted both Schloss and Wicklein, Gerhard discovered he had to pay attention to everything.

Things appeared to reach a climax in June when the Führer, Adolf Hitler, was killed in a plane crash. But that only marked the beginning of the conflict. Adding to Gerhard’s unease, the Parteileiter acted as though he didn’t know Gerhard. The man Wicklein regarded as a friend barely acknowledged him.

Gerhard moved from one confrontation to the next as the tension between Schloss and Himmler builds. Gerhard’s boss, Karl Rainer, still supported and mentored him as they both struggled to survive the ultimate contest to replace Hitler.

Welcome to the exciting first volume of the prequel to the Parallel Nazi series.

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