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Threads of Despair

The Parallel Nazi — Book Six

Like the slow onset of a winter storm, Heinrich Schloss fights the troubles that close in around him. He and Peter suffer the grief of Renate Schreiber’s death and struggle to fight the implacable Russian foe that swept across the Polish plains.

It seems that through a combination of innovative weapons and superior tactics, Schloss succeeds in stopping the Russians. Yet, they continue to advance. And Schloss continues to wonder about his purpose in this land that is very different from the world where he was born.

Elsewhere, the Americans deal with the tragedy of a magnitude that threatens their pursuit of the war, and the British find themselves dependent upon the American actions. And the world events invariably swing around to impact Germany and Heinrich Schloss.

This sixth book of the Parallel Nazi series continues the saga of a man in a different world, away from a history professor’s dull life, and thrust into the fight to keep Germany from destroying itself or being destroyed by outside forces.

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