Books by Ward Wagher


Accidental Nazi

A New Book in the Parallel-Multiverse

A misguided time travel experiment in the twenty-fifth century fans out to impact hundreds of parallel universes. The effects varied widely and impacted billions of individuals. It most directly impacted individuals who appear to be at the precise inflection point to jump them into a world that was almost the same as the place where they left.

Heinrich Schloss had arrived at Berlin's Tempelhof airport in 1982 to pick up his wife after her trip to London. After a brief migraine-like spasm, he opened his eyes to Tempelhof in 1941 to witness Hitler's death in an airplane accident. A history professor who had grown up in a divided Berlin was now a party chieftain in Nazi Germany. All of those speculative conversations around the table with colleagues about what could have been changed to avoid the fall of Germany now had immediacy.

The Schloss of this world had murdered Martin Bormann to assume his role of party leader. He now had to make himself into the alternate Schloss and interact with the murderous Nazis who surrounded Hitler. Schloss discovers the perils of simply trying to do the right thing.

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