Books by Ward Wagher


Christmas in Montora

Book 4 of the Chronicles of Montora

In the next volume of the Chronicles of Montora we see the lives of many of the characters coming together as an interwoven tapestry. Franklin and Signe are now married, and are jointly managing the Margraviate of Montora. Franklin faces a group of squatters wanting to mine illegally in the Moody River valley. Signe's parents, Glenn and Monica Foxworth, face one of the gravest crises of their lives. And, the Reverend Edmund Tracy Riggs makes some astonishingly poor decisions that affect the course of his life, and that of Antonia, his wife. Add in our favorite characters, such as Louie, Hai Ciera, and Lari Chaplin, who bring their unique approach to life in Montora - where the unexpected awaits around every bend of the Moody River.

The fourth book in the Montora series is a continuation in Ward Wagher's future history of The Sphere of Man. When mankind reaches to the stars, he not only takes his faith with him, but his sin nature as well.

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