Books by Ward Wagher


The Diamonds of Montora

Book 5 of the Chronicles of Montora

A peaceful Christmas season ends with the invasion of Hepplewhite by a mercenary force in the pay of a trans-stellar corporation. Panslavic Minerals is intent on appropriating the mineral wealth in Montora, displacing the margrave, Franklin Nyman, along with his family and friends.

While the citizens of Hepplewhite deal with the injustices of an occupying army, friends of the Duke wrestle unending interstellar intrigue in an attempt to rescue the planet from a rapacious corporation. When it seems the stars themselves have lined up against Franklin and Signe, a dedicated team works towards liberating the planet.

The Diamonds of Montora continues the saga of the Nyman family in a future history of the Merchants and Manufacturers League.

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