Books by Ward Wagher


Gravity Rising (The Parallel Multiverse Book 2)

Lawrence Berthold, Inventor…

A dystopian civilization struggled back from the brink after the Earth experienced a Carrington Event two-hundred years before. The sun had lashed mankind’s planet with a solar storm of such ferocity that humans were knocked back to the dark ages.

Larry Berthold struggled to complete his doctorate at MIT by working through inconsistencies in the math of the great scientists Charles Westerly and Audry Clenèt. As he made progress, he and his friend Maggie Bosstic experienced strange and unsettling events in winter-swept Boston. Someone was opposed to his research.

After securing funding from a benefactor in Indianapolis, the attacks on Larry and Maggie became increasingly strange and more violent. Yet, Larry was coming close to solving the riddle of anti-gravity as well as the secrets of interstellar travel. Forces beyond Larry’s understanding were somehow involved on this summer-scarce world, and ultimately gave him glimpses into something far more mysterious.

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