Books by Ward Wagher


        the Death of the Universe 
            & Everything

The law of unintended consequences strikes everywhere. Edgar Forsenn’s experiment with tachyons and quantum physics ripped several hundred people from everything and everyone they knew into different times and universes with random results across the multiple panoramas of history. Worse, he unleashed forces that whipsawed the reality that everyone knew, and endangered the very existence of numerous complete universes.

Forsenn’s team came together with the paladin, who was the leader of the Upper Midwest Palatinate, along with a group of artificial intelligences who inhabited the global net of their universe. Also working on the problem were representatives of two alien races. The combined team of individuals from multiple times and places and universes race the rising confluence of forces that will surely destroy dozens, if not hundreds, of universes.

Along with the exciting conclusion, we now come away from the story knowing the answer, finally: Who is Frau (Mrs.) Marsden?

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