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Resolute Nazi

The Parallel Nazi Book 5

Heinrich Schloss, the Accidental Nazi, has successfully surmounted the challenges he has confronted. Yet each seems to demand more of his confidence and ruthlessness. The war with Russia has not gone well and he struggles to trust the generals who manage the Wehrmacht for Germany. An American newspaper begins an investigative reporting series on Germany’s treatment of the Jews, and Schloss’s abuses in particular. Since he arrived in this world following those events, he has no memory of the actions he is accused of. He is tormented by what he does not know.

Some things have gone well. The relationship with the American government has blossomed to the mutual benefit of both countries. The English queen has reached out for a rapprochement. The economy has improved, despite the war. Yet Schloss and his fellow members of the government ultimately face a crisis that shakes them to the core.

This fifth book of the Parallel Nazi series continues the story of a resolute man, who stands astride an alternate history, and works to bend it to his will.

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