Books by Ward Wagher


Stacking Centimes

A New Book in the Woogieverse

Harvey Steelmaker’s life never settles down. After the deaths of his father and fiance followed by the death of his adversary in a police shootout, Harvey hoped to achieve peace in his life. But he now has to deal with the family of the murderer and their involvement in one of his businesses. A belligerent tenant in one of Harvey’s properties continues to make trouble after eviction. And a cousin shows up on Harvey’s doorstep with his hand out.

Harvey develops a friendship with a girl who is active in the Conservative Business Alliance, a local political party, and spends time with her. The development of a relationship is troubled by her religion and ethnic background. And he stumbles onto the existence of an ugly antisemitism in his local city of Braxton on Harcourt’s World.

Outside forces complicate his life and business when the Centaurans attempt to assume control of Earth. Though the initiative was not successful, it unsettled commerce sufficiently to bring added challenges to Harvey’s management of Harcourt Holdings.

This sequel to The Wealth of the Worlds brings new adventures to Harvey Steelmaker.

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