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The Final Hero - A Novel of the Cold War

A New Book by
Bob Anderson and Ward Wagher

William Walker was a successful novelist and a frustrated one. He was writing a newspaper column featuring American military heroes of World War 2, Korea, and Vietnam. This required time away from home, which frustrated his wife. He finally agreed with her to drop the column at the end of the contract, in order to resume writing his novels.

A friend, who was an Army general at Fort Bragg, convinced William to write one last column. By doing so he became an unwitting pawn in the contest between East and West, the Warsaw Pact and NATO. As he was drawn deeper into the intrigue, his world collapsed around him. The American government suspected he was a Soviet agent. His wife was convinced he had lied to her about giving up his newspaper column. His friends in the Army thought he was collaborating with the Russians.

The nations spin rapidly towards all-out war as William struggled to clear his name and keep his marriage. But, would all that even matter in the end?

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