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These Fragile Regimes

The Parallel Nazi - Book 10

The year 1946 begins quietly for Heinrich Schloss. No major wars threaten Germany, and Schloss focuses on planning an election for the fall. The Yuletide Zentrum putsch was spectacular in its failure and succeeded in destroying the leadership of the organization. But the unfortunate side effects of the event eliminated the political party of the center and its chances of winning an election against the Nazis.

Another event demonstrating a lack of permanence in the political landscape was the Italian Foreign Minister’s coup against Galeazzo Ciano. Later, the death of two key leaders in Vichy France challenged the governing coherence in that land.

Schloss is challenged by the instability of the lands bordering Germany while also facing challenges from the regional leadership at home. The Gauleiters, most appointed by Hitler, actively opposed the scheduled election and expressed their displeasure to the Reich Chancellor.

All these events collude to present Schloss with the challenge of his life in this tenth story about the Accidental Nazi.

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