Books by Ward Wagher


Without Beginning of Days

The Baughman Saga Continues...

Scott Baughman's triumphant and miraculous escape from his alien captors turns to ashes. He and his team return to an Earth that has changed to something unrecognizable since their abduction eighteen months before. The vast, numbing surprise threatens to overwhelm any meaning to their accomplishments, as well as the fragile peace between Scott and Sylvia Fletcher - the victim Scott and his father attempted to rescue at the beginning of the adventure.

Scott, his father Russell, and Sylvia each struggle in their own way to come to terms with what happened, and adjust to the new reality on Earth. Sylvia falls in with a shady lawyer, Russell throws himself into the creation of a new legacy, and Scott searches for his roots. Each faces unexpected challenges. Russell and Scott form a business relationship with the Sterling Company to manage the the wealth they gained from the salvage of the starships they brought with them back to Earth. Kimberly Sterling acts as a guide and mentor for Scott and gradually becomes something more.

In this sequel to Hannah Sorpat's Eye we follow the unfolding story as our characters interact with a new society and find their way to a closer relationship with God.

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