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Witnesses in the Cloud

The Baughman Saga Concludes... A rogue artificial intelligence has slipped into the Global Network. At the request of the paladin, Scott Baughman prepares to exercise his twenty-first century hacker skills in defense of his adopted nation. The people of the Upper Midwest Palatinate on twenty-fifth century Earth complacently accept a universal data network tended by artificial intelligences, and so are bewildered at the possibility that the systems may be compromised.

The increasingly experienced and malevolent intelligence engineers cyber-attacks accompanied by kidnappings and physical violence. Scott and the paladin struggle to contain the attacks and attempt to discern who is behind what is now a state of war against the palatinate. The shadowy force that is directing the warfare is amorphous and hidden behind layers of deception. Scott constantly feels several steps behind his enemy, and despairs of catching up.

The war escalates and causes the deaths of many people in Chicago, the capital of the palatinate, and results in a fundamental transformation in Scott's life. As Scott and his wife Kimberly frantically work to contain the menace, they learn hard lessons about God's plan for their lives.

In this final book of the Scott Baughman Saga, we see a man kidnapped from twenty-first century Earth finally coming to terms with his position in time and space, and accepts the wildly unexpected role that is thrust upon hi

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