Books by Ward Wagher


Yamamoto's Gold

The Parallel Nazi - Book 9

Once again, we see Heinrich Schloss, a man from another future, wrestling to preserve Germany while divorcing it from a barbaric past. Schloss is desperate to reinstitute democracy through fair elections. Yet he finds the fight even more dangerous than when Germany battled the Russians.

As Heinrich Schloss struggles to arrange for elections in Germany, he learns that the Americans want to retrieve the gold stolen by the Japanese during their raid on San Francisco. He sends a team consisting of Karl Rainer and Otto Skorzeny to Shanghai to facilitate the project as well as keep Chiang Kai-Shek honest.

As more people become aware of the gold, Rainer finds himself dodging multiple parties who would love to acquire the gold. So, as the Americans face a five-cornered fight to recover the gold, Schloss faces challenges to the legitimacy of the Nazi regime.

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